Gentrice ITSP SIP box

A Web enabled SIP turnkey system =Proxy + Billing + NAT solution + SIP GW
All you need is our box, then start to get business!! Save Time, save money!
You don’t have to maintain multiple database, Gentrice SIP box do the entire task!
Gentrice provides integrated VoIP turnkey system, which allows ITSP to manage account/call rate/financial billing/customer care via an integrated web interface.


IP local loop, Calling card, Wireless VoIP
Support all voip running model: IP to IP , IP to PSTN, PSTN to IP, PSTN to PSTN Ready to operation
Gentrice releases new voip box for upcoming voip new operators. Gentrice integrates NAT proxy for SIP proxy and billing system for turnkey VoIP system. We provide a ready-to-operation system for ITSP, which saves the time to market and provide stable service to end customers. Gentrice integrates critical components for next generation VoIP network; Gentrice saves ITSP’s time and reduces the risk for interoperability. It would be the fastest way for you from zero to one!

Support Standard

Gentrice SIP box support VoIP SIP RFC3261, Radius protocol…, you could choose the part you need and work with your invested device.

Trial package: 1 T1/E1 capacity

The package includes:
1 Intel based 1U server for proxy and billing
1 outbound proxy for NAT users
1 T1/E1 pstn gateway (up to 4T1/E1)
Max current call: 120.
Reference picture:
Billing+Proxy server


The package includes:
1 Sun server for proxy
1 Sun server for billing
1 Sun machine for DBMS
1 outbound proxy
8 T1/E1 pstn gateway
Max current VoIP call: 32E1 (960 call)
Upgrade ability
Standby server
SAN network